If you would like to request copies of our curriculum information (free of charge) please contact the school office.

Our Unique Curriculum

At Barham, we teach a curriculum that is exciting, fun and imaginative. You can walk into any of our classrooms and find children who are engaged in thinking, questioning and learning. As well as learning about the world beyond the village, we expect our children to have a good understanding of local history, culture and geography. By the time our pupils leave us they will have built dens in the local woods, explored Canterbury Cathedral, walked to Lord Kitchener’s house and discovered why Barham is ideal for growing vines.

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum (NC) provides both the content and the framework for most of what we teach at Barham School. In the Early Years, children experience the seven areas of learning required as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Older children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are taught the ‘core’ subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and the ‘foundation’ subjects of History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education (PE), Design and Technology (DT), Spanish, Computing and Religious Education (RE).

Where possible the curriculum is delivered through cross-curricular themes to connect work from different subjects together, allowing children to make effective links in their learning.

The National Curriculum also requires that children are ‘secondary ready’ by the time they leave primary school. At Barham we believe that this is (and always has been) our core task. However, we also believe it is essential that the process by which this is achieved is as creative, engaging and exciting as possible, and instills an enthusiasm for learning which lasts long after the children have left this school.


In Reception and Key Stage 1, reading is supported through the use of a structured scheme which guides children through the early stages of learning to read. Daily phonics sessions based on the DfE’s “Letters and Sounds” initiative are taught to support children’s ability to decode words. The children also have access to a wider range of books with richer language and content.


Equal attention is given to pupils becoming numerate. Children are taught mathematics using a ‘mastery’ approach i.e. teachers must ensure that all children acquire the required knowledge and skills before moving on to new concepts.

Educational visits and visitors

A large element of fun is added through themed days and curriculum focus weeks. Together with this we are regularly visited by theatre groups and members of the local community who add a lively dimension to our school day. All classes take part in trips and activities linked to curriculum areas of study. In recent years classes have visited Kent Museum of Life, Wildwood, Heart’s Delight Farm, Dover Museum and Canterbury Cathedral. Our older pupils participate in a residential trip to Arethusa, in Rochester, each year to take part in activities such as, high ropes, rock climbing, orienteering and archery. This trip helps to develop self-esteem, creating more confident young people.

Keeping Families Informed

We have high expectations of academic achievement at Barham and we follow the progress of each child individually. We encourage parents and carers to take a keen interest in their children’s education and give regular updates on what their child is learning. Each term, class teachers send home an orientation letter setting out the main subject areas to be covered. In addition, teachers keep parents informed through a weekly overview which gives further details about areas of the curriculum that have been taught during the week.

Pupil Wellbeing

We have a duty to promote pupil wellbeing and pupil safeguarding. Our PSHE education plays an important part in fulfilling all of these responsibilities. We use the ‘Jigsaw’ programme across the school to bring together all aspects of PSHE: emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills, spiritual development, healthy living and relationships.