010At Barham we believe that physical education provides a vital and unique contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development. Our vision for PE and Sport is to provide high quality PE and Sport for all children in school. We aim to provide both competitive opportunities for extra-curricular sport and well planned and delivered PE lessons, which develop a love of sport for all children and an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.






Sport Premium Funding 2016 – 2017

This year the sports funding received is £8,895 which we have used to buy in a specialist PE teacher. She works with each class for one lesson a week so that pupils can develop and practise the skills needed to apply to different sports. Over the course of the year we aim to provide our pupils with high quality provision in a range of sports that includes dance, gymnastics, basketball, hockey, rugby and athletics. The PE teacher will work alongside staff to provide professional development in order to ensure sustainability. In addition the money will be used for Y6 play leader training, supply teaching for competitions and affiliation to Canterbury Academy Sports Partnership.


Sport Premium Funding 2015 – 2016

How the money was spent

Specialist Sports coaching (Sports package purchased from Canterbury Academy Sports Partnership  which includes extra-curricular clubs and inter-school competitions) £6,000
Sports supply days for competitions £1,700
PE equipment £1,180





Impact of spending on pupils

  • Gold kite mark for PE and school sports maintained for 2015-2016
  • Whole school participation during sports week provided teachers with opportunities for pupils to develop leadership skills
  • Pupils at Barham had 2 hours PE per week. One lesson was with a specialist coach whom class teachers observed for CPD. Class teachers are more confident in delivering PE in a variety of sports.
  • Y6 pupils had training by the sports coach in play leader skills – once trained, these pupils organised sports clubs for younger pupils at lunchtime which had an impact on fitness and well-being
  • Improved resources for sports ensured maximum participation during PE lessons and a wider variety of sports being taught
  • Specialist sports coaches provided a wider range of sports clubs than previously available, including tennis, athletics, rugby, cricket, and gymnastics
  • Over 60% of our KS2 pupils attended sports clubs at school
  • Over 50% of our KS2 pupils attended an interschool sports competition


Impact of Sports Premium Funding 2014 – 2015

As a result of the initiatives funded through the Sports Premium Funding 2014 the following has been achieved:

2Gold Kite mark for PE and school sport achieved

Improved KS1 and KS2 teacher subject knowledge

An increase in confidence levels in delivering the PE and Sport curriculum

An increase in the number of extra-curricular sports Clubs (19 in total)

An increase in the number of pupils attending extra-curricular sports clubs (72% of pupils)

An increase in the number of pupils representing the school in local sports competitions (68% of pupils)

Children are more aware of the benefits of participating in physical activity and links to clubs in the local area

100% pupils leaving Barham able to swim 25m

Y6 pupils trained as play leaders and set up activity clubs with the younger children

PE Specialist has equipped staff with confidence and skills to provide a clear and structured PE curriculum which is consistent and sustainable

Sport Premium Funding 2014 – 2015

The total amount of Sports Premium funding received for 2014-2015 was £8,465.  This funding was used to provide a PE trained teacher for one day per week. Our aim was to improve the quality of learning and teaching in PE as well as providing further opportunities for the children at Barham.

The extra day enabled the specialist to work alongside colleagues and devote time to the following:

Teach KS1&2 PE classes

Provide opportunities for staff to team/watch exemplar lessons and receive guidance and support

Assess areas of development in PE

Conduct monitoring and observations of PE lessons

Engage in curriculum planning to ensure a balance and progression of skills

Raise awareness of suitable recreation time activities with midday supervisors

Provide specific PE based INSET staff training

Develop whole school pupil assessment and monitoring

Ensure participation in inter-school competitions: coaching, organising and accompanying pupils

Organise intra-school competitions

Provide play leader training

Provide a ‘Change 4 Life Club’ to involve pupils who are under confident or do not participate in sports clubs

Other expenses occurred will be the annual subscription to the Canterbury Sports Network.